My Environment

.dotfiles aren’t all a good development environment needs. There are external programs that sometimes don’t require configuration, but they can be priceless. Since I can’t think of anything else to write about this week I thought documenting my environment would be a good idea.

Let’s start with the bread and butter - the text editor. I’ve used all sorts of text editors. My two favorite have been Emacs and Vim, but after discovering multiple other terminal applications that complement Vim I have not used Emacs.

The terminal application with the most impact on my work (excluding Vim) is tmux. Coupled with Vim and zsh the terminal is a powerhouse of productivity.

At work we have an internal Jabber server. Profanity is my weapon of choice for communication (and the application named Profanity is nice, too). If I could get something like Mutt working with our Google Apps I’d be in heaven.

While I haven’t done much playing around with it, Ranger is going to be the next application I devote time to learning and tweaking to my needs.

Away from the terminal there are several must have applications I use daily. All of these are OSX only but each should have a Linux/BSD counter-part.

First on that list is Dash. Dash is a documenation viewer that makes offline documenation viewing a pleasure. dash.vim only makes it sweeter.

The last thing that I require of my environment is fast window switching and decent tiling support. Enter Slate for quickly changing windows and Amethyst for tiling support. My Slate configuration is trimmed down to only having hotkeys for window switching, and I do not have any custom keybinds set for Amethyst.